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Motorcycle Transportation

The rate at which vehicle transportation has increased in recent times is not surprising, this can be attributed to the increase in the amount of vehicle owners. This also has led to creation of new services to cater for this increase, now we have more car removalists whose duty cannot be underestimated.

They help in reducing the cluster of abandoned vehicles and are also great in offering freight services for damaged or smashed cars. Car and motorcycle transportation within a state or interstate car transportation has also increased significantly as more and more people desire to move their vehicles to their preferred destination without the associated stress. Amongst this rise, the vehicle with the highest growth has been the motorcycle. According to studies in 2017, motorcycles usage saw a 22% increase in 2017 alone.

So the question now is how do you get the right motorcycle transport specialist that will provide excellent service without putting you through undue stress? There are a few pointers to note when selecting a motorbike transport specialist; you have to choose whether you want an enclosed trailer or an open one. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, enclosed trailers offer more security for your motorbike during transportation but are costlier while open trailers offer less protection but are relatively cheaper than their enclosed counterparts. Some transporters even go as far as having cockpit surveillance cameras in their vehicles so you can monitor your prized possession during the trip wherever you are on your laptop or from your mobile phone.

Another thing to note is if your motorcycle carrier would need you to come to their depot to pick or deliver your bike or if they will come right to your door step to get it. There are also various websites that offer transport carrier feedback which you can check for customer reviews, go through their profile beforehand to get firsthand information of how they treat their customers before you engage their services. Do not forget to check if they provide insurance cover for motorcycle and for items on the bike. Also, some motorcycle carriers take charge of all the paperwork and the needed permits you having to go through such stress.

The next thing to take into consideration is the cost of transporting your bike, some carriers charge a fixed price while others may charge per kilometre, it's best that you find out what works best for you before you decide to transport you organise your motorcycle transport, especially if you are planning an interstate move. You may also find these services do not often use a fixed cost as it can change depending on various factors like travel conditions, the present state of the bike and most importantly the distance.

When you want to prepare your vehicle for either interstate transport or local transport, make sure you thoroughly inspect the motorcycle and note any damage(s) incurred before transportation, you can go as far as taking photos before you ship the bike. This will invariably reduce the stress when you want to collect your bike. Immediately your shipment lands, do a thorough inspection on the bike and compare it with what you noted before shipment.

Most of the time, your bike arrives exactly the same way you shipped it, but it is safer and advisable to correct any issue you notice once the bike arrived. If you find any dispute, alert the carrier as they already have laid down guidelines for an insurance claim.